Pickleball Marketing News: Major League Pickleball, Pickleball for Business Networking and Anna Leigh’s Sweet 16

Pickleball Marketing News: Major League Pickleball, Pickleball for Business Networking and Anna Leigh’s Sweet 16

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The first event for Major League Pickleball by Margaritaville is here! Live from Mesa, Arizona, both Premier and Challenger teams will compete for the Championship Trophy.

For a full list of the team rosters and to watch live all weekend, visit MajorLeaguePickleball.net.

Congrats to Ponte Vedra’s own, and Pickleball in the Sun’s, Olivia McMillan on making it to Championship Sunday with Rob Cassidy, Michelle Esquivel and Spencer Smith of the Utah Black Diamonds!

Be sure to watch them compete against the Bay Area Breakers on Sunday, January 29th.

Pickleball is not only America’s fastest-growing sport, it is also one of the best tools to use for business networking. Due to the social nature of the game, how easy it is to learn how to play, and the fact you can jump in on a game with strangers at your nearest courts, it can quickly grow your business networking circle and create a sense of community for your employees. 

We were recently contacted to setup a virtual event to create a fun and engaging workshop for their team members. This is an incredible way to build a sense of community, introduce your team to the sport, the history and how to get started playing, including learning about Pickleball in the Sun’s recommended pickleball destinations to plan your next vacay or company outing!

Check out our 3 Ways to use Pickleball for Business Networking and feel free to contact me for details on setting up a Virtual Pickleball Event for your company.

ESPN Takes Swing at Pickleball with New TV Rights Pact

By Variety’s Brian Steinberg – ESPN wants to dip its paddle into the world of pickleball.

The Disney sports giant said Monday that it struck a wide-scale rights deal with the Association of Pickleball Professionals that will have ESPN2 broadcast eight, one-hour event recap shows and ESPN+ stream more than 200 hours of live coverage of eight events from the APP’s annual tour. Read more…

The pickleball revolution: how a game for all ages became one of the world’s fastest-growing sports

The Guardian’s Sam Wollaston is recruited to play pickleball and talks about the growth of the sport in England, where Pickleball England is aiming for 25,000 members by 2025. I think they can shoot for a higher goal! What do you think? Read more…

Pickleball in the Sun: Mexico Style

Take a trip down the pristine Pacific Coast with Pickleball in the Sun as we travel to Baja California Sur, Mexico to take in the undeniable beauty of Tres Palapas, the premiere Baja Pickleball Resort. Read more on PickleballintheSun.com …

Pickleball Magazine’s January/February 2023 Issue

The latest issue of Pickleball Magazine has arrived! Pickleball meets Sonoma County winey country, behind the scenes with Senior Pro Julie Johnson, and our Premier Pickleball Destination feature on Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort. Read the full issue…

Carvana Gifts Anna Leigh Waters a New Car for 16th Birthday!

When you’re the #1 pickleball player in the world, and Carvana comes in as the title sponsor of the The Carvana Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour, you get the surprise of a lifetime and gifted a Range Rover for your “Sweet 16”! Check out Anna Leigh Water’s Instagram video of the exciting surprise with her parents, Leigh and Stephen Waters.

Happy 16th Birthday Anna Leigh! You have an incredible year ahead…

Major League Pickleball’s Steve Kuhn Talks to TMZ about Lebron Bringing Billions of Eyes to Pickleball

Basketball’s King apparently has the Midas Touch when it comes to pickleball too … ’cause Major League Pickleball founder Steve Kuhn tells TMZ Sports LeBron James’ recent investment in the league brought BILLIONS of eyeballs to the sport!!! Read more…

Pickleball in the Sun to Benefit The Villages of Hope

Follow @PickleballintheSun this weekend as Action News Jax’s Mike Buresh and Marithza Ross compete in The Hope Cup to benefit The Villages of Hope, supporting women survivors of human trafficking. Mike and Marithza will be playing on Sunday at 11am at The Pickle Garden at The Yards in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

The weekend’s Pickleball forecast from Action News Jax: 

For more information about becoming a featured pickleball brand of the week, pelase email [email protected]

Vossberg Gainor & Pickleball in the Sun’s Top 15 Pickleball Highlights from 2022

Vossberg Gainor & Pickleball in the Sun’s Top 15 Pickleball Highlights from 2022

Happy 2023 from Vossberg Gainor and Pickleball in the Sun! A message from me as a thank you for an incredible year and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come in 2023:


In no particular order, below are my top 15 pickleball highlights from 2022 where I either had the opportunity to coordinate an incredible media feature to bring America’s fastest growing sport into the spotlight, or I was personally able to play the game we all love and enjoy the Pickleball in the Sun lifestyle.


When the producers for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: Kids Edition called I was ecstatic to be able to bring together more than 30 kids from our local Nocatee community to play pickleball and showcase why this sport is such an incredible opportunity for kids to get healthy exercise and socialize with their friends. A special thank you to my Nocatee friends who participated in this and brought their kids to the courts.


Just a day after NBC called, ABC’s Good Morning America producers called with an interest in having their on-air crew play pickleball for a live feature. Thankfully, the Nocatee community rallied together again and immediately came to the courts to play for the GMA camera crew to create another incredible feature for the sport. Eva Pilgrim and Will Ganss did a live shot from the Brooklyn Bridge Park courts as USA Pickleball ambassadors, Paul Curiale and Amote Sias, gave them a lesson in how to play the game.


When Maren Morris posted a tweet this past summer of her and her crew playing pickleball next to her tour bus, I took a shot and messaged her team through her website to see if they would be interested in doing a cover story for Pickleball Magazine about her love for the sport. They immediately got back to me and I had the incredible honor of getting on a call with Maren to talk pickleball and her creating a court on each stop of her tour.

Shortly after the story was published, we then got a call from the Jimmy Kimmel Show wanting a copy of the issue to feature on air as they interviewed Maren. Thanks to some friends, a courier got an issue in their hands and not only did they show it on air, they talked about the story for more than 3 minutes and Maren gave me a shoutout, knowing I was freaking out as they zoomed in on my article.

4. Pickleball Marketing Feature with Marketing Brew

“Pickleball took off during the pandemic, thanks in part to marketing efforts from brands and the sport’s governing body, which was recently given a facelift.”

I got the opportunity to talk with the Marketing Brew about the work Vossberg Gainor did to help USA Pickleball with their brand relaunch in 2020 and marketing tactics we used to help get the sport into the spotlight.


As I feel privileged every day to have started the world’s first ever pickleball marketing agency, being contacted by AdAge to talk about marketing the sport as they featured pickleball as #9 on their “Marketers of the Year 2022” list was an incredible honor.

“Pickleball mania has been on a steady climb since 2020, when people increasingly turned to the quirky racket sport as a pandemic-era social activity. But 2022 marked a major turning point in pickleball’s growth, with an influx of brands beginning to incorporate the up-and-coming sport into their marketing strategies. “


Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented photographers to showcase the sport, and one of those is the talented Steve Taylor. His incredible shot of Jay Devilliers was featured on the cover of the Sports Business Journal for their “Smash Hit” story on America’s hottest sport as we worked with their writer, Chris Smith, on a story featuring the various leagues in the sport.


For the last 3 years I have had the honor of contributing to Pickleball Magazine with various cover stories, articles featuring players across the country, and sharing premier pickleball destinations. When Julie Talerico, editor of Pickleball Magazine, asked if she could have a writer do a story on my Pickleball in the Sun brand, I was completely honored. Jennifer Brozak told my story better than I could and when I first saw Julie had created a 2-page spread with the feature, I was speechless. Thank you, Julie.


The sport may feel new to some, but it originated in 1965 on a court in Bainbridge Island where 3 dads started the game to entertain their kids. I couldn’t have been more excited to have had the opportunity to visit the original court as Governor Inslee signed a bill to make pickleball the Official State Sport of Washington. 

It was an honor to stand on the original court and take a photo with family members of the founders of pickleball. Thank you to the Bainbridge Island Pickleball Club members for being so welcoming. 

8 months later, another incredible honor to run into, Barb, one of the original family members at the airport bar while at the National Championships and have the privilege to talk with her about the early days of the sport.


Since moving to Nocatee I have been so fortunate to meet most of my friends while on the pickleball court. What inspired the Pickleball in the Sun brand was a group of us regularly planning weekend getaways at unique pickleball destinations to play in tournaments. So many laughs, lots of pickleball playing, visiting new places and meeting new friends along the way to invite along future Pickleball in the Sun trips.

Highlight: Signing up for some pickleball blind dates in mixed doubles and meeting these great new friends!

Special shoutout to my partner Mia Azotea who I am thankful to have met shortly after moving to Nocatee, and since then we have trained at our local pickleball courts and won lots of medals together. More Pickleball in the Sun trips to come with this group!


When I wanted to create Pickleball in the Sun products to include in a Holiday Gift Guide, I reached out to friend and local Nocatee artist, Melissa Rinaldi of Go Coastal, to hire her to bring the brand to life with one of her unique paintings. The outcome perfectly visually represented the Pickleball in the Sun brand and featured on beach towels, blankets, drinkware and apparel.

Shortly after launching the shop, Lois Alter Mark featured the Pickleball in the Sun beach towel in her Forbes Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Apparel and Accessories for a Pickleball Vacation!


The women behind some of the leading brands in pickleball never get enough credit! One of our top features Emma Masur and I got the chance to work on together was “Inside the Pickleball Boom. Meet some of the women behind the fastest-growing sport in the country.” 

A chance to feature the following women who have helped make pickleball the fastest growing sport across the country: Melissa McCurley, Stacie Townsend, Blake Renaud, Hannah Johns, Rachel Simon, Aubri Steele, M.A., Catherine Baxter, Jillian Braverman, lori g manzer & Mimi Kuchman, Elise Ivy, Kim Bastien, Jodi Wujkowski and Lori Bosch. 

One of those women, Rachel Simon, launching a book this year about the sport, “Pickleball for All,” where she interviewed players across the country to share their stories. I was honored to connect her with many of these influential players and for her to share my personal story as well.

Keep an eye on these women as they continue to bring so much value to the sport. 


The Margaritaville US Open Pickleball Championships is one of the largest tournaments and pickleball parties of the year. The whole Gainor family headed to Naples for an amazing vacation and loved having them there to support Hope Tolley and I as we competed in the tournament for the first time. Such a must-see event each year with more than 2,000 players and vacationers enjoying the “Pickleball in the Sun” atmosphere.

Thank you to Bruce Yeung and Kerry Pittenger for frequently being my personal photographer on tournament trips 🙂


One of the top highlights each year is getting the chance to visit the Indian Wells Tennis Garden to attend the “Pickleball in Paradise” event that is the Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships. An incredible week seeing some of the leading brands in the game and the leaders behind them, connecting with professional players that are growing the spectator interest as they show the athleticism needed to win the gold medals, and meeting amateur players across the country who are loving being competitive athletes and having a lot of fun doing so.

This year I had the opportunity to be a part of the media for my Pickleball in the Sun brand and be on Championship court with Bruce Yeung as the top player in the world, Anna Leigh Waters, earned her National Championship Triple Crown.


As Major League Pickleball hit the headlines this year with the announcements of celebrity investment after celebrity investment, I was a guest on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News to talk with host and friend, Greg Matzek, to talk about the growth of pickleball. 


It’s no secret that pickleball is a great way to stay healthy and active. I spoke with Zara Hanawalt for Shape Magazine about why pickleball should be your next hobby and top players in the world, Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters shared how they have been building a booming career in the sport, while living healthy and enjoying the sport as a famous mother-daughter duo.


2022 was one of the most incredible years in my career thanks to my clients, new media relationships, friends met across the country while traveling for Pickleball in the Sun, and my friends and family for supporting this entrepreneurial journey.

Be sure to follow @VossbergGainor & @PickleballintheSun on social media as we have another fun year in store, and see you on the courts in 2023.

Pickleball Marketing News: 5 Highlights from the Major League Pickleball Draft, the first Ad Age-Worthy Pickleball Ad

Pickleball Marketing News: 5 Highlights from the Major League Pickleball Draft, the first Ad Age-Worthy Pickleball Ad

Happy Friday! We are getting closer to 2023 and all that is in store for pickleball as we wrap up the biggest year in pickleball yet.

Last night Major League Pickleball hosted their 2023 draft show and I share 5 Highlights for me from the draft:

ONE: 15-year-old Anna Leigh Waters the #1 draft pick joining Gary Vaynerchuk and Ryan Harwood‘s MLP team – The 5s. Anna Leigh recently shared a photo of her from her first day playing pickleball to showing just one of the triple crowns she’s won this year. So much more to come for Anna Leigh as we all watch in awe this year. PHOTO

TWO: Camryn Irwin showing America how she’s the best pickleball commentator in the game! As she’s been a seasoned on-air commentator for a long time, this MLP draft will be just the beginning of her successful career utilizing her pickleball expertise and professionalism to add more color to the sport. Be sure to follow Camryn Irwin!

THREE: 7 out of the 12 first-round draft picks were women! One of those women being Vivienne David as she made an iconic speech to inspire other young up-and-coming female athletes as she was drafted by her tennis idol, Kim Clijsters, to join her MLP team. Many will look back at these humble beginnings and Vivienne’s dad shared what it meant to him.

FOUR: Zane Navratil‘s shirt. As the fiancé of the former Miss Wisconsin, we’ll all look back at this draft and remember the iconic shirt choice as 2-time MLP championship winner, Zane Navratil, previously on the BLQK team, was drafted by Clean Cause. See the Shirt!

FIVE: Last night was history-in-the-making! Major League Pickleball is paving the way for the sport by creating valuable partnerships and bringing in passionate investors into the game that will continue to make pickleball the fastest growing sport year after year. We will look back at this draft as just the beginning. Well done by the Major League Pickleball team and we’re excited for electrifying team events to happen this year! #40by30

I’m personally ready for 2023 and to share some Pickleball in the Sun with the world as we “paddle up” for MLP by Margaritaville

Selkirk Debuts the First Ad Age-Worthy Pickleball Ad

As noted below, 2022 was a big year for pickleball, including getting both more competitive on and off the court as brands fight for the attention of the 5 million players… and growing. 

One brand killing it in the ad game – Selkirk. Debuting last night during the Major League Pickleball draft, Selkirk featured the “biggest name in pickleball,” Tyson McGuffin,  showing what it takes to be a professional pickleball athlete in their ad “The Face of Pro Pickleball – Selkirk Pro Tyson McGuffin #WeArePickleball.” Which in my opinion, is the first Ad Age-worthy ad in pickleball so far. 

The ad is a first for the sport as brands like Selkirk lead the way in showcasing the grit and determination it takes to make your way to the top in professional pickleball, utilizing one of the players that is a role model for other up-and-coming pros. Tyson McGuffin has been named “the most electrifying man in sports” by Barstool Sports and he’s a case study in showing how to strengthen your personal brand in a sport that is just in the beginning of its growth. 

Check out the ad below and visit Selkirk.com if Tyson has convinced you to hit the gym and grow a mullet to become the next face of pro pickleball. 

The Ringer: The Year of the Dink. 2022 Was a Big Year for Pickleball.

2022 was a big year for pickleball. Parents ignored calls from their kids because they were pickling—then introduced those kids to the sport. Even LeBron James and Brené Brown got in on the action by buying professional teams. But is this just the beginning for the fastest-growing sport in the U.S.?

Read more

Ad Age: Margaritaville becomes Major League Pickleball’s First-Ever Title Sponsor

Margaritaville will serve as the title sponsor of Major League Pickleball throughout the professional league’s 2023 season, the hotel and resort chain announced today. 

This sponsorship will rebrand Major League Pickleball as “MLP by Margaritaville,” with Margaritaville set to “play a large part in the branding and strategy of on-site fan activations” at MLP’s upcoming events and pickleball matches, according to a press release. Margaritaville’s announcement comes on the heels of MLP’s release of a redesigned league format for its 2023 season that will triple its number of teams from eight to 24 and boost the overall championship prize money to $5 million. 

Read more

Holland America Line Named Exclusive Cruise Line Partner of the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA Tour)

Holland America Line has just been christened the Official Cruise Line of the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA).

By February 2023, every ship in the Holland America Line fleet will feature pickleball courts with top-deck views. By April 2023, every ship will offer complimentary beginner lessons from instructors who will teach the rules and basics of playing pickleball, including where the “kitchen” is and what it means to hit a “dink” shot.

In addition to live instruction, “How to Play Pickleball” tutorial videos will be featured on in-stateroom TV programming.

Read more from Forbes’

The November / December 2022 Issue of Pickleball Magazine

Check out the latest full issue of Pickleball Magazine featuring the USA Pickleball National Championships Triple Crown Winner, Anna Leigh Waters, on the cover!

Included in the issue is a full recap of the National Championships, product spotlights as you browse their ads, and enjoy a work of art on the Pickleball in the Sun page featuring our custom coastal design by local artist, Melissa Rinaldi.

Read the full issue.

The 2023 Major League Pickleball Teams

Congratulations to the 2023 MLP Draft Picks! These top-ranked players will be exciting to watch throughout the year both during the MLP events, as well as on the pro tour as the sport gets so much more competitive to come out on top.

The first event takes place January 26-29 at Legacy Sports USA in Mesa, Arizona. Check out the 2023 calendar of events and visit the Major League Pickleball website as they release more details on each team and their owners.

The Pickleball Club Lakewood Ranch Newest Member

The Pickleball Club will soon opens its doors in Sarasota, Florida in the ever-growing Lakewood Ranch area and they are already rallying for members! One of those first members being none-other than Jerry Springer where they utilized this famous pickleballer in an ad to drive new members.

Check out the video on their LinkedIn Profile. 

Toss & Spin Hosts a Pickleball Tournament & Clinic at the United Center presented by Michelob Ultra on December 30th 

Join Toss & Spin as they host the first-ever Pickleball outing at the United Center on December 30, presented by Michelob ULTRA, prior to the Bulls vs. Pistons game later that night. 

Learn more from Toss & Spin as Chris Clark continues to grow the sport by hosting tournaments and clinics across the country.

Click here for more info.

Thank you to Brian Gainor, my family and friends for planning a surprise 40th Birthday Party!

What I love most about pickleball is the community and friendships that come with it. This past weekend my husband, Brian Gainor, surprised me by having my family and friends at the house for a 40th birthday celebration, pickleball-themed of course. Thanks to my mom, there was a custom pickleball cake, my kitchen was full of pickleball friends that I have been fortunate to gain as friends since moving to Florida, and two amazing friends from Chicago flew in to bring me to tears by walking through the door.

It was an incredible day and I’m grateful to everyone that supports this pickleball entrepreneur lifestyle and allowing me to constantly talk about the sport;)

For more information on being a featured brand, email [email protected].

Pickleball Marketing News: Jamie Foxx Wins for Best Pickleball Court Holiday Lights Display, Galentine’s Day Pickleball Hosted by Celebrity Gals

Pickleball Marketing News: Jamie Foxx Wins for Best Pickleball Court Holiday Lights Display, Galentine’s Day Pickleball Hosted by Celebrity Gals

Happy Friday! Welcome to this week’s edition of “Pickleball Marketing News,” brought to you by Vossberg Gainor and Pickleball in the Sun. Subscribe on LinkedIn and dive into this week’s issue: 


Right when you thought your holiday decorations were right up there with Clark Griswold’s, then Jamie Foxx, pickleball fanatic and founder of The Best Paddle, posts an Instagram video that shows something that no one on this earth has ever seen before. A 40-acre mountain view estate completely decorated with breathtaking, Christmas lights, and the grand finale of the lights display ending on the best part, his 3 pickleball courts that he calls “The Best Paddle Compound” lit up brighter than Margo’s shiny silver suit.

There wasn’t an official contest, per say, but we award Jamie with the Best Pickleball Court Holiday Lights Display. If you have one that can beat it, please send us the drone footage.

Watch Jamie’s drone footage on his Instagram Channel that shows off his incredible estate that is home to the The Best Paddle Compound, making us all jealous we don’t live at the foxxhole.


  • The Galentine’s Day Pickleball Tournament hosted by celebrity gals
  • Pints and Paddle bringing the taproom to the courts in Minnesota
  • Pickleball players banned from NYC park
  • Premier Pickleball Destination: Mauna Lani, Auberge Resorts Collection
  • Pickleball in the Sun Holiday Gift Guide to get your gifts in time for the holidays
  • National Pickleball League announces a team format tour for Pro Players 50+
  • Minto US Open Pickleball Championships Sweepstakes to win the perfect pickleball getaway
  • Nettie Pickleball Co. paddles now available at Dick’s Sporting Goods 


If you watched Stephen Colbert’s Pickled, you saw one of my favorite actresses, June Diane Raphael, making us all laugh as she competed for the Colbert Cup with her husband, Paul Scheer as her partner.

Well, get ready gals! June is now hosting the inaugural Galentine’s Day Pickleball Tournament in Los Angeles on February 12th with her fellow The Deep Dive podcast co-star, Jessica St. Clair, and friends Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider, hosts of Bitch Sesh.

Right when I saw June and her gal pals promote this pickleball tournament, I reached out to June’s PR team to get more info on the sponsorship opportunities to get the details to share with you all. Not only do all of these gals have a combined 800K+ Instagram following, and more than 2 million lifetime downloads of their podcast, but the “Dream Team” celebrity list that will be playing at this event is amazing!

As I’ve told Brian Gainor many times before, my dream is to live like Grace and Frankie in a beach house with my closest friends and now add that Pickleball in the Sun lifelstyle to it, this Galentine’s Day Pickleball Tournament is going to be the beginning of some beautiful things ahead, so I suggest you get in on sponsoring it.

My flight to Los Angeles will be booked soon, so reach out to me to discuss sponsorship opportunities and my suggestions to help make this an incredible event for these celebrity gals! – [email protected].

Ticket info for The Galentine’s Day Pickleball Tournament.

Coming Soon: Pints and Paddle in Maple Grove, Minnesota

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine: Pickleball’s grip on the racket sports world rivals Taylor Swift’s Midnights domination. Though it’s not the first in the Twin Cities—or even the largest—Pints and Paddle is taking courtside carb-o-loading to the suburbs.

As a midwestern girl, I am excited to see this opening in Minnesota and to get back up to the Twin Cities to play pickleball indoors with my friends!

Read more…

Pickleball players banned from NYC park after turf war with kids

New York Post: The city has served up some bad news for pickleball lovers.

The fad racquet sport has been banned at a West Village playground, where parents complained for months that adult pickleball fans were hogging up all the blacktop space and making it impossible for kids to have fun.

Read more…

Mauna Lani on The Island of Hawai’i

Pickleball is making its way throughout all 50 states in the USA, and Hawaii is not one to be forgotten! An oceanfront hotel steeped in Hawaiian culture, Mauna Lani, Auberge Resorts Collection is a premiere pickleball destination that is truly an unforgettable experience you and your family will surely want to enjoy.

Visit PickleballintheSun.com for more details on this premier pickleballdestination.

Final Week to Browse Our Holiday Gift Guide to Have Gifts Shipped in Time!


The Pickleball in the Sun beach towel is the perfect gift for the pickleball enthusiasts in your life that have sun and pickleball travel on their 2023 vision boards. Featuring the exclusive Pickleball in the Sun coastal illustration designed by Florida-based artist, Melissa Rinaldi of Go Coastal.

Now available in the Pickleball in the Sun shop for $45.

Visit PickleballintheSun.com to view our full Holiday Gift Guide with recommendations on paddles, apparel, accessories, destinations & more!

Skal Pickleball Paddles

Another new paddle is on the market! Thanks to Skal Pickleball, I got the chance to try out their paddle, designed and tested in Park City, Utah. With the honeycomb core and rough textured surface, it made for a great morning of playing and some wins. Plus, the fun design makes this a high quality and affordable paddle.

Visit SkalPickleball.com to purchase this paddle for $111.98.

From Court to Poolside. Skal Pickleball video. 

National Pickleball League Announces Team League for Players 50+

There is another team league that is making room for the top ranked professional players age 50+! The National Pickleball League (NPL) has announced the formation of a nationwide team competition for Champions Division (50+) professional pickleball players. Launching in mid-2023, team owners will select the city they represent, as well as building their team through a live player draft that will include the division’s biggest stars.

The league features #1 ranked players, Beth Bellamy and Rick Witsken. I personally have watched all of these top ranked champions players, and there is no lack of entertainment when watching these fierce players compete.

I had the chance to interview Beth and Rick following their win at the Newport Beach Tennis & Pickleball Club this past year, and I’m excited to watch what these two players do to continue to grow the sport:

Bloomberg Reports on The National Pickleball League.

Minto US Open Pickleball Championships Sweepstakes is Returning this January!

COMING SOON! The Minto US OPEN Sweepstakes is returning this January! Stay tuned for more details on how you can enter to win one of three amazing Grand Prize Packages plus some great weekly instant win prizes.


Nettie Pickleball Co. Paddles are Now Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods

One year ago at this time Nettie Pickleball Co.’s founder, Catherine Baxter stated she was sleepless boxing up her paddle sets and how this week her paddles and paddle sets are officially available in select stores and online at DICK’s Sporting Goods! 

Congratulations Catherine on this huge milestone and these paddle sets make excellent holiday gifts. Visit PlayNettie.com to purchase, or of course, shop at Dick’s!

For more details on being included in a future newsletter, please email [email protected].

Pickleball In The Sun’s Ultimate Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide

Pickleball In The Sun’s Ultimate Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, Pickleball in the Sun is helping you pick the best pickleball gifts for the entire family!

Peruse through the following guide full of paddle options to bring on your next destination with family and friends, apparel to wear on and off the courts, accessories, and of course, some of our top pickleball destination recommendations to book your next vacation.

Plus, we are extremely excited to officially launch an exclusive collaboration with Go Coastal, a Florida-based artist and friend who has designed a coastal “Pickleball in the Sun” piece that creates a unique gift for your family and friends. Check out some of the items available below and visit our Pickleball in the Sun shop.

Pickleball Paddles for the Whole Family

Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports is known for being a family brand and recently sponsored some of the best pros in the world, Julie, JW and Jorja Johnson. Their Signature Pickleball Paddle is $100 and comes in multiple colors to get one for every member in your family.

Visit FranklinSports.com to purchase your paddles!

ROKNE Pickleball

ROKNE Paddles range from $89.99 to $179.99. High quality paddles and a good family-owned business behind them. For the competitive player, we are personally fans of the Curve Carbon X as we’ve won a few medals with this paddle. If you’re looking for a vacation-vibe design, check out “The Palm” paddle for $129.99. Visit RoknePickleball.com to purchase your paddles.


Started by the Barnes family, Selkirk is a leader in pickleball paddle innovation and technology. Paddles range from $49.99 to $333 and they make it easy to shop for the right paddle for you by categorizing with the player in mind, such as best paddle for beginners, and best paddles for spin.

Visit Selkirk.com to check out their complete paddle selection for all levels of playing.

JOOLA Pickleball

After being a leading brand in table tennis for nearly 70 years, JOOLA jumped into the pickleball game this past April and announced the launch of more than 6 paddles right from the start.

Now sponsoring the top player in the world, Ben Johns, you’ll find many pro players competing for the top spot on the podium with these paddles. So if your game is getting serious, check out the JOOLA paddles ranging from $149.95 to $219.95 on PickleballCentral.com.

Tangerine Paddles

Tangerine is a fresh pickleball brand and having just announced their line of pickleball paddles to go along with their classic style bags, you now have the opportunity to custom order paddles with your club or brand logo on them!

Contact them for more details, but in the meantime, browse their three paddle designs that will make everyone look stylish on the courts, for an affordable price of $85 per paddle.

Visit TangerinePaddle.com to shop their pickleball bags and paddles.

Nettie Pickleball Co.

Get ready because the perfect pickleball gift in a box is all ready for you! Not only are the Nettie Pickleball Co. paddles of great quality and beautifully designed, the female entrepreneur who created them is pretty great herself – Catherine Baxter.

Individual paddles are $79.99 for the classic paddles, or $129.99 for the newly launched pro paddles. Purchase one of the sets with either 2 or 4 paddles and each set includes sweatbands, balls and instructions on how to play pickleball, shipped to your door in a trendy box.

Visit PlayNettie.com and use code PICKLEBALLINTHESUN for 15% off!


Paddletek is one of the most seasoned paddle brands in the business, founded in 2010. As a well-respected brand in the game, whether you’re a recreational or competitive player, they have a variety of paddle options to work your way up from beginner to pro. They sponsor some of the best professional athletes in the game, including 15-year-old Anna Leigh Waters and her mom, Leigh Waters. Be sure to also check out Catherine Parenteau’s signature paddle.

Browse the Paddletek paddles available on PickleballCentral.com, ranging from $69.99 to $179.99.

Big Dill Pickleball Co.

If you want a conversation piece that will get every pickleball paddle recipient excited, take a peek at Big Dill Pickleball’s paddle sets. With fun designs and an easy-to-carry bag, these paddles will be a family favorite. Also created by a fun-loving, female entrepreneur, Katy Luxem. She’ll be grateful to see your Instagram photos playing pickleball with your family over the holidays.

Visit Amazon.com to purchase this paddle set for $112

Costa Pickleball

The Costa Pickleball paddles have been some of our favorite paddles since we were first introduced last year! All paddles are $99. Made with a Honeycomb Carbon Core and offering a variety of designs, these paddles will not only help your competitive game but also look stylish in your court selfies and podium photos.

Be sure to check out the “Little Monster” collection that your kids and uncles will enjoy. Visit CostaPickleball.com to check out their paddles.

F2 Sports

Congratulations to our friends at F2 Sports for partnering with Good Morning America and 40boxes.com with their unique paddles featured as one of Tory Johnson’s “Deals and Steals!”

Now until December 16th (or til supplies run out) get your hands on an F2 Sports paddle for $63 on 40boxes.com.

Pickleball Apparel

Pickleball in the Sun Apparel

We have been proudly sporting our Pickleball in the Sun logo and now apparel items are available to you in our shop…with more on the way! This winter as you’re either playing pickleball in cooler temperatures, or cozying up on the couch with your pickleball partner, we’ll be honored if you’re wearing the Pickleball in the Sun logo.

Visit the Pickleball in the Sun shop to pre-order your holidays gifts.

Civile Apparel

You can many times find Civile Apparel founder, Aubri Steele, out on the courts engaging with the pickleball community. Inspired to create the brand to reflect her own lifestyle, Civile is a popular brand amongst professional and amateur players offering uniquely designed items for men, women and kids.

Visit CivileApparel.com to check out the shop featuring “Dink or Die,” “Don’t Be a Dink,” the popular “Pickled” line, and more.

AvaLee by Selkirk

Recently launched, the AvaLee line from Selkirk is some of the softest and perfectly designed apparel for women in pickleball. Created by the wives of Selkirk’s founders, AvaLee is named after their two daughters Ava and Lee and we couldn’t be more in love with the brand and story behind it.

Visit Selkirk.com to view the apparel items and paddles available. Use code ADV-PBINTHESUN at checkout to earn gift cards with each purchase. Shop for your friends and family, and after checking out the Selkirk team will send you a gift card as a thank you.

  • Orders from $50-$100 will receive a $10 digital gift card

  • Orders from $101-$200 will receive a $20 digital gift card

  • Orders from $201-$300 will receive a $30 digital gift card

  • Orders over $300 will receive a $40 digital gift card

  • Orders over $500 will receive a $50 gift card

Men’s Pickleball Apparel on PickleballCentral.com

Every guy wants apparel they can not only wear on the pickleball court, but also a serve up a good conversation while out with friends. Head on over to PickleballCentral.com to browse clothing from top brands like JOOLA, Selkirk, Franklin, Original Penguin, and more.

Pickleball Accessories & Gifts

Pickleball in the Sun Beach Towel

Featured in Forbes Holiday Gift Guide as a gift that is “perfect for a vacation” and “a pickleballer’s paradise!” The Pickleball in the Sun Beach towel is plush and oversized for your next getaway. 

Designed exclusively for Pickleball in the Sun by Florida-based artist, Melissa Rinaldi, of Go Coastal. The perfect gift! 

Visit the Pickleball in the Sun shop to purchase yours for $45. 

Pickleball in the Sun Blanket

This Pickleball in the Sun blanket will be on our golf cart, for sure, as we ride up to the pickleball courts with the Florida winter breeze! Super soft 50×60 inch blanket showcasing the exclusive Pickleball in the Sun illustration, designed by a Florid-based artist and good friend of ours.

Available for pre-orders in the Pickleball in the Sun shop for $68.

Swinton Pickleballs in a Winer Bag

Headed on a pickleball getaway for the holidays and not sure where to hold your pickleballs or your wine? Look no further than the unique “Pickleballs in a Wine Bag” carrier Swinton Pickleball has created where you can buy two and carry three pickleballs in one, and your booze in the other.

Plus, they also sell uniquely designed pickleball paddles with their top-notch Swinton branding. Visit SwintonPickleball.com to purchase.

RIA Eyewear

Whether you’re playing pickleball in the sun, or in the shade, it’s important to always wear protective eyewear to avoid eye injuries. Look fierce while protecting your precious eyes by purchasing a pair of RIA Eyewear. Visit RIAEyewear.com to purchase.

Portable Pickleball Net

One of the reasons why the sport has grown so fast is because you can put a pickleball court just about anywhere! Pickleball brings families together just how the game first began in 1965 on Bainbridge Island.

This holiday season, purchase a portable pickleball net and get your entire family out in the driveway, in an open parking lot, at your local community park, wherever you find a 20×44 foot space, play some pickleball. Visit PickleballCentral.com to purchase.


The perfect stocking stuffer for your beginner or avid pickleball players that get excited to see a brand new pickleball in their stocking! Keep in mind, there are particular balls for indoor or outdoor play, so be sure to choose the right pickleballs for your family and friends. Visit FranklinSports.com to purchase.

Georgie & Lou Pickleball Bags

Mixing function and fashion, the Georgie & Lou pickleball bags will look great on and off the court. We can already picture us stepping onto an airplane with our computer and sunglasses in the bag ready for business, and paddle handle and added touch as a conversation piece for new friends to invite us onto the court.

Visit GeorgieandLou.com to view their unique designs and enter code “PBintheSUN” for 10% off.

Pickleball Books

Everyone wants a library full of pickleball books! Lucky for you, there are multiple recommended books to give to your family members of all ages.

Top Pickleball Books:

Pickleball Blanket

A 6-foot pickleball blanket may just be what your friend or dog wants this holiday season. Soft, comfy and shaped like a pickleball, this blanket is $25.99 and you can use the code “INTHESUN” at checkout to receive 10% off.

Visit Amazon.com to purchase the pickleball blanket!

Gift a Pickleball Destination

Pickleball has made the headlines over the last couple of years because people have discovered this incredible lifestyle of getting to play a fun game that provides exercise, a social opportunity to play with friends and meet new ones, bringing families together of all ages with a common interest, and as more resorts and hotels add pickleball courts as an amenity to attract guests, we’re easily packing out paddles in our suitcases and exploring new destinations from coast to coast.

Experiences are one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. Add in pickleball, and that’s even better. We’ve provided our top 4 pickleball destination recommendations to jumpstart your getaway plans. Don’t forget to bring along your Pickleball in the Sun beach towel!

Find a Court on Vacation!

Already have a vacation planned and not sure if there are courts nearby? Download the PicklePlay app to easily search for pickleball courts where you’re visiting, connect with people to play together and find details on open play times.

JW Marriott Desert Ridge – Phoenix, AZ

You may be familiar with this premier pickleball destination from our Pickleball in the Sun feature, but this is one of the top pickleball destinations to stay at this gorgeous resort in Phoenix and enjoy the amenities they offer for the whole family. With 17 total pickleball courts with over 400-player capacity, the JW Marriott Desert Ridge has pickleball amenities like no other. Situated on the beautiful Arizona Sahara, this resort boasts private lessons and clinics on-site, daily instruction, and ball machine rentals available for mom to practice and spice up her game! This iconic resort is sure to check all of the holiday wishlist boxes and make memories that will last a lifetime!

To learn more about the JW Marriott Desert Ridge, visit Marriott.com.

Pickleball on a Cruise

A Pickleball in the Sun, all-time favorite vacation – a cruise! Cruise ship directors are fully aware of the pickleball addiction and the need to play while on vacation, even if you’re in the middle of the ocean. We recently cruised on the Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas and we can’t get enough as we’ll be jumping back on a couple more times this year.

On most of their ships, they have specific open play times on the sports court where they provide the pickleball net, court lines and equipment for the whole family to play with an incredible ocean view.

Visit RoyalCaribbean.com to explore your cruise options.

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa – Indian Wells, CA

The Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa is a dream resort to escape with your family and friends to this unique premier pickleball destination with residential living space that allows you to relax in the outdoor spa on your private patio, a spa-inspired bath, or soak up the views on your private balcony in one of the suites.

Walk out of your room to some of the best scenic views on the way to the four pickleball courts on-site, or stop by the Agua Serena Spa, one of the top spas in Indian Wells.

The kids will have a blast in the HyTides water park, dueling waterslides, lazy river, splash pad, and parents can enjoy the adults-only Oasis pool, with the Oasis Pool Bar nearby.

Visit IndianWells.Hyatt.com for more details.

Omni Amelia Island Resort – Amelia Island, FL

Nestled on 1,350 acres at the tip of a barrier island off the Florida coast, the beautiful Omni Amelia Island Resort offers luxurious oceanfront accommodations with unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean, world-class resort pools, championship golf, and a full-service spa.

After strolling on the beach each morning, or spending the day kayaking, head over to the tennis center where they host 7 pickleball courts surrounded by canopy trees. As part of their Cliff Drysdale program, signup for lessons with their onsite pro or reserve a court to play with your family and friends.

Visit OmniHotels.com for more details.

Laura Gainor talks about growth of pickleball, MLP Investors on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News

Laura Gainor talks about growth of pickleball, MLP Investors on Wisconsin’s Afternoon News

Laura Gainor joined Greg Matzek, host of Wisconsin’s Afternoon News on WTMJ to talk about the growth of pickleball, big names like Drew Brees, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Kevin Durant and other well-known celebrities investing in Major League Pickleball, the addition of pickleball entertainment clubs around the Midwest like Real Dill Pickleball Clubs, and where local Milwaukee fans can play pickleball. 


Over the past few weeks Major League Pickleball has announced big name investors who have purchased teams to grow their league from 12 teams to 16 teams in the 2023 season. These strategic partners to help grow the game include LeBron James, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Kim Clijsters and Kevin Durant. For more information, visit MajorLeaguePickleball.net.

Front Office Sports and The Dink also report on these exciting announcements.


For those in the Milwaukee area, be sure to check out the Pickleball Night with The Milwaukee Bucks on October 29th. Visit their website for more details.


In Laura’s interview with WTMJ, she talks about how pickleball entertainment venues are helpign grow the sport and bringing more courts to the U.S. to keep up with the demand for the sport. For more information about our client, Real Dill Pickleball Clubs, and their mission to bring multiple clubs across the U.S. in the coming years, visit PlayRealDill.com