Laura Vossberg Gainor founded her own marketing agency after having more than 15 years-experience in social media, online advertising, engagement marketing, event marketing and while living in Milwaukee served as the Executive Director of United Adworkers, Milwaukee’s advertising club, and Serve Marketing, the nation’s only all-volunteer advertising agency. 


She was introduced to USA Pickleball shortly after launching her business in October 2019. Having the opportunity to work with the governing body of the fastest growing sport in the United States, she picked up a paddle and learned how to play the game shortly after that introduction so she could speak the language of a true pickleball enthusiast. 

Like everyone else, once she played once she was immediately addicted. She saw the opportunities the sport would bring from a social perspective, while getting exercise, and the how brands can uniquely connect with this quickly growing audience of pickleball enthusiasts.  

One year after launching Vossberg Gainor, she officially transitioned her business to solely be focused on pickleball marketing. The only agency of it’s kind, having worked with some of the leading pickleball brands in the U.S. including USA Pickleball, Pickleball Magazine and others.  

In the last two years she has helped bring pickleball into the spotlight as the fastest growing sport with USA Pickleball and Pickleball Magazine being featured on The Today Show, USA Today, New York Times, CNBC, among other national media outlets.  

After more than 3 years experience building credibility and expertise in the pickleball marketing space, she now works with multiple brands and focuses on Pickleball in the Sun, a lifestyle and leisure brand launched by Vossberg Gainor. You can regularly find her playing on her local Nocatee community courts and enjoying the sunshine with her husband Brian and kids, Clara and Garrett.    

A pickleball marketing agency specializing in driving awareness for brands and organizations involved in the sport, personal branding expert helping avid players market themselves and leader in strategic thinking in experiential marketing for events and tournaments.

Laura Vossberg Gainor