Laura Vossberg Gainor founded her own marketing agency after having more than 15 years-experience in social media, online advertising, engagement marketing, and other elements of digital business.

She was introduced to USA Pickleball shortly after launching her business in October 2019. Having the opportunity to work with the governing body of one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, she thought it would be best to learn how to play the sport as the introduction was the first she had heard of pickleball.

Without surprise, once learning how to play in November 2019 she was immediately obsessed and with her extensive experience leading clubs and community organizations, her mind quickly went into action mode about how she can introduce more friends to the sport and create a social opportunity for her network of friends living in the Park Ridge, Illinois area.  

While assisting the Managing Director of Marketing for USA Pickleball with a brand relaunch and managing the brand’s social media strategy and communications, she created a weekly pickleball league made up of local beginners called the Chicago Pickleball Club. 

A dream had begun. She had the opportunity to work in a field she was passionate about and got to dive into truly understanding the sport and why enthusiasts love it so much by playing every morning and working on the brand throughout the rest of the day.

Fast forward to one year after launching Vossberg Gainor, following a brief trip to visit family in Ponte Vedra, Florida in June 2020, the Gainor family was quickly sold on moving to a new community that allowed for them to play pickleball year round!

When Vossberg Gainor launched, pickleball was an unknown word. After a year of focusing on becoming an expert in marketing the sport, and Laura herself becoming an obsessed player working towards becoming a 4.0, it’s an honor to transition the Vossberg Gainor brand to be Vossberg Gainor Pickleball.

A pickleball marketing agency specializing in driving awareness for brands and organizations involved in the sport, personal branding expert helping avid players market themselves and leader in strategic thinking in experiential marketing for events and tournaments.

While the Vossberg Gainor family will truly miss the incredible community that had grown in Park Ridge, they look forward to getting the opportunity to meet more pickleball enthusiasts living in the south, those traveling on the road to play at tournaments, and to have frequent social nights with their new neighbors in the Nocatee community in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Brian, Laura, Clara and Garrett are honored to be new Floridians and are excited to see you on the courts!


Laura Vossberg Gainor

“As the driver of a membership/volunteer/event-based organization, Laura is one of the most organized, capable people I’ve ever worked with.  She gets things done beautifully and seamlessly without compromising objectives or enthusiasm from her clients or colleagues. I would recommend her without hesitation for any role she chooses to tackle.”

Lynette Xanders

Owner, Wild Alchemy

“Although we did not work together for a long time, I learned a lot from her. Laura is one of those rare people who are is always learning and working to improve/innovate her craft. 

I found her to be a great influence not only on her team but the organization. She is a good communicator, deadline driven, and very detail oriented. She’s someone that has a special skillset to be successful in any position.”

Mike Wisniewski

Social Media Director, Bader Rutter

“Laura is one of the most innovative, creative and organized people I have ever worked with at Yodle! She has an excellent attention to detail that I’ve always admired and striven to emulate. 

She always brought a strong point of view and innovative solution to any challenge or problem we faced as Interactive Marketing Specialists and Client Serve Managers at Yodle. If one has the pleasure of working with Laura, she will inspire and challenge all the way she has me!” 

Melanie Ricotta

Channel Sales Manager, Yelp