As the fastest growing sports in the America, there are nearly 9 million pickleball players across the United States, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s (SFIA) report.

Vossberg Gainor is a digital marketing agency that focuses solely on marketing efforts for the sport of pickleball. The company focuses on driving awareness for brands and organizations involved in the sport of pickleball, works with avid pickleball players to strategically implement their personal brand online, and is a leader in strategic thinking and experiential marketing for pickleball events and tournaments. Vossberg Gainor offers brand development and strategy services, personal brand development services, tournament and event experiential marketing, and social media management services to individuals and brands specifically within the pickleball space.

In addition, Vossberg Gainor is the founder of Pickleball in the Sun, a lifestyle and leisure brand sharing the best pickleball destinations and experiences. The brand is quickly evolving into the experiential marketing arm of Vossberg Gainor, specializing in content creation for brands excelling within the pickleball lifestyle.

Whether you want to learn more about how to market yourself, your brand, or you want to learn how to play the game, contact Vossberg Gainor.

Pickleball Immersion Meetings

Vossberg Gainor has been an expert in pickleball experiential marketing for the last 3+ years as they have worked with some of the leading pickleball brands in the game. As the pickleball landscape is ever-evolving, Vossberg Gainor offers Pickleball Immersion Meetings to help guide brands through the ever-evolving pickleball landscape and educate key decision makers on the sport. 


Social Media Management

Guide brands and players on how to utilize their social media channels to connect with their audiences and grow their online following. Examples include setting up the proper online channels, determining the voice of each channel and guiding in the strategy to create unique content to tell each brand or player’s story.


Personal Brand Development for Players

With extensive experience marketing for leading sports’ brands, Vossberg Gainor provides her clients’ with strategic development of their personal brand. Including creating a personal website/blog, social media branding and graphics, and content to tell the players’ story as they represent themselves and their sponsors. 


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