Vossberg Gainor and Pickleball in the Sun are leaders in experiential marketing with a specific niche for pickleball marketing. Both brands, founded by Laura Gainor, focus solely on marketing efforts for the sport of pickleball.

The company focuses on driving awareness for brands and organizations involved in the sport of pickleball and is a leader in strategic thinking and experiential marketing for pickleball events and tournaments. Vossberg Gainor offers brand development and strategy services and often works with celebrities to plan unique, and purposeful, pickleball events. 

In addition, Vossberg Gainor is the founder of Pickleball in the Sun, a lifestyle and leisure brand sharing the best pickleball destinations and experiences. 

Pickleball Immersion Meetings

Vossberg Gainor has been an expert in pickleball experiential marketing for the last 4 years as they have worked with some of the leading pickleball brands in the game. As the pickleball landscape is ever-evolving, Vossberg Gainor offers Pickleball Immersion Meetings to help guide brands through the ever-evolving pickleball landscape and educate key decision makers on the sport. 

Celebrity Event Planning

Vossberg Gainor has worked with numerous celebrities to plan unique, and purposeful, pickleball events to bring together the community and connect brands with fans.


Pickleball in the Sun

Founded by Laura Gainor, Pickleball in the Sun is a lifestyle and leisure brand sharing the best pickleball destinations and experiences. Whether you’re looking for consultation services on how to plan a pickleball event at a unique destination, or looking to entertain your corporate clients and employees at a resort conference, we’d love to help you create the best experience for your guests. 

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