Real Dill® Pickleball Clubs Announce Two Locations in Development, with more on the Way

Real Dill® Pickleball Clubs Announce Two Locations in Development, with more on the Way

Pickleball just got hotter! Congratulations to Vossberg Gainor’s client, Real Dill® Pickleball Clubs who have officially announced their brand with two locations currently in development and more to come.

Read the full press release below and visit to learn more about their clubs. Follow @PlayRealDill on Facebook and Instagram.

For The Real Dill® Pickleball Clubs’ logo files, images, and FAQs, please find the PRESS KIT on Dropbox.

Aimwell Development Co. Announces Launch of The Real Dill Pickleball Club

A premiere pickleball sports entertainment venue and restaurant to open in summer 2023

CHICAGO, April 28th, 2022 – Today, The Real Dill Pickleball Club, a sports entertainment venue that will offer dedicated courts for playing the sport of pickleball, announced the launch of its first two locations. The Real Dill will launch its first facilities in St. Louis, Missouri, and Columbus, Ohio, in the summer of 2023. Founded by Aimwell Development Co., a real estate development firm based in Chicago, Real Dill Pickleball Clubs are supported by the investment of pickleball enthusiasts and are targeting five development properties in the United States this year, with the goal of becoming the premiere facility to help grow the sport.

“We couldn’t be more excited to help facilitate the growth of pickleball by building inclusive clubs that encourage real social connectivity,” said Todd Reed, Managing Partner of Aimwell Development Co. “The Real Dill is a hospitable environment where the pickleball community can grow their network of players and drive their competitive and social spirit.”

Each Real Dill venue will have 8 to 12 pickleball courts available on a reservation-basis and will be designed to accommodate both the avid pickleball player who engages in competitive play, as well as the recreational player who plays mainly for the purpose of entertainment. 

Aimwell Development Co. leadership brings more than 22 years of experience in developing hospitality and hotel concepts around the United States. Patrons of the Real Dill will enjoy the following amenities: 

  • Social and competitive leagues, tournaments, and events
  • Top quality food and beverage offerings that compliment club type setting
  • A hospitality focused customer service model
  • Outdoor space for socialization and game play
  •  Family entertainment center with games for all ages
  • Opportunities for pickleball lessons and private instruction
  • Health & wellness offerings and group classes for physical conditioning

The Real Dill in St. Louis will open in the summer of 2023 at The District,  a one-of-a-kind entertainment destination with live music, family friendly attractions, food, and retail offerings. Alongside other premium attractions such as The Factory and Main Event, The Real Dill will operate as a local favorite and core tenant of The District. .

The Columbus location will be built in the first phase of construction for The Galaxy at Polaris.  The original Polaris Center includes over 9 million square feet of retail, hospitality, office, and multifamily properties.  The Real Dill is slated to open at Polaris in the summer of 2023.  The Real Dill was represented on both properties by Cary Taylor of Crossroads Real Estate Group.

“We are hospitality people, and we have spent our careers creating environments in which people feel both welcomed and energized,” Reed explained. “The Real Dill is a place where groups may enjoy professional customer service and a food & beverage offering suited to compliment an active mindset.  Our focus is on keeping things simple and doing them exceptionally well.”

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Aimwell Development, founded in 2019 is a boutique firm with the company leaders bringing more than 22-years’ experience, focused on real estate development and investments in the hospitality, residential, and retail sectors. First developing concepts with a blend of innovative thinking and thorough analysis, then having a thorough understanding of the key factors that affect success, Aimwell Development is able to identify unique opportunities and mold them into viable projects.

Their experience developing projects that are both highly unique and sustainable guides the decision making throughout the process. As a result, work stands out as being distinctly suited to its environment and integral to the growth of the surrounding community. For more information about Aimwell Development Co., visit 


The Real Dill Pickleball Clubs are facilities designed to provide a welcoming, social, and active environment for the recreational and competitive pickleball players., Each venue will feature up to 12 courts for reserved play, competitive tournaments, ladders, professional coaching and lessons, as well as an inviting space for spectators to enjoy the game. Every location will feature an on-site restaurant and bar with a menu conceived to compliment the active nature of playing pickleball. Each entertainment venue is designed with multigenerational entertainment in mind and organized so that families are offered something for every age and interest including video games, wiffle ball, ping pong, shuffleboard, and much more. 

For more information visit and follow @PlayRealDill on Facebook and Instagram.


Laura Gainor


Welcome to the Vossberg Gainor Team, Emma!

Welcome to the Vossberg Gainor Team, Emma!

Vossberg Gainor is excited to announce Emma Masur has joined the team as the Digital Marketing Manager! 

When Vossberg Gainor launched in 2019, pickleball was an unkown word. Just a few weeks after launching, Laura Vossberg Gainor was introduced to USA Pickleball as her first client, and since then, we’ve been fortunate to be a part of the journey of pickleball becoming the fastest growing sport in the nation, having more than 4.8 million players. 

As the sport has grown by 39.3% over the last two years, so have the opportunities for brands to market themselves to the diverse audience of avid pickleball players, so thankfully, Emma Masur was one of those players. 

“Getting introduced to the sport of pickleball has been a life changer for me as it is not only my business focus, it’s also a huge passion of mine to start each day getting to play as much as I can because of the positive mentality this game brings,” said Laura Vossberg Gainor. “As I was thinking it was time to find someone to join my team that had the skillset of understanding how to speak the language of the game, a trust-worthy up-and-comer that would want to be a part of the sport’s momentum, and a talented digital designer to help my clients and build “Pickleball in the Sun” off of the ground, Emma emailed me that day pitching her talents to want to work in pickleball marketing.” 

Vossberg Gainor is excited to have Emma a part of the team to help with our growing client-base and bring the vision of to life. What we all love most about pickleball is the people we meet on the courts, the chance to pack our paddles in our suitcases to travel the country to play pickleball at top destinations, the stories and memories along the way, and Emma is going to help share those stories through our clients and with our Pickleball in the Sun partners. 


  • Emma Masur is a freelance digital marketing manager and creative designer from Cincinnati, Ohio. She completed her undergraduate degree at Translyvania University in 2020, graduating with a degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication and Digital Arts and Media. Upon finishing undergrad, Emma moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she has been pursuing her Master of Arts in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at Nova Southeastern University.
  • Emma is excited to be graduating this spring and diving into the world of digital media, sports marketing, and all things pickleball!
  • Outside of her design work, Emma loves coffee shops, breweries, running, hiking, and paddle boarding.
  • As she gets older, her hope is to continue to spend her free time on the pickleball court and traveling the world simultaneously. 


  • Emma started playing pickleball during the summer of 2018 and once she started playing, she was immediately addicted. She loves the exercise that comes with the sport, while being able to enjoy the outdoors and socialize with others who are enthusiastic about the sport as well.
  • Having the opportunity to work with Vossberg Gainor and brands like USA Pickleball and Pickleball in the Sun, brings together the best of both worlds for her; being able to hone her digital media skills while being active and enjoying the sport of pickleball is a dream come true! 


  • Emma would one day love to travel to Europe and play pickleball. While Emma has spent some time in the EU in the past, she would love to explore other European countries such as France or Portugal while playing the fastest growing sport in the nation! 


  • Emma would love to play pickleball with pro soccer athletes such as Alex Morgan or Rose Lavelle from the US Women’s National Team.

Marketing Brew: Pickleball brands and organizations are using modern marketing moves to expand the sport beyond boomers

Marketing Brew: Pickleball brands and organizations are using modern marketing moves to expand the sport beyond boomers

Laura Vossberg Gainor was recently interviewed by Alyssa Meyers for the Marketing Brew to share a behind-the-scenes look at what went into working with USA Pickleball and Milwaukee-based ad agency, Boelter + Lincoln on the 2020 brand refresh.

Vossberg Gainor continues to feel fortunate to have been introduced to USA Pickleball and the organization’s CMO at the time, George Bauernfeind, to become her first client since launching the agency. The sport of pickleball is growing at an exponential rate and the opportunities that have come along with it are incredible.

For the full Marketing Brew feature, visiting