Vossberg Gainor is excited to welcome experienced communications and PR professional Nick Liberati to the Vossberg Gainor and Pickleball in the Sun team as a consultant!

Nearly 40 million people hit the pickleball courts last year, adding to the game’s already exploding popularity as America’s fastest-growing sport and the influx of big name celebrities, athletes, and TV networks that just keep on coming. Pickleball shows no signs of slowing down, nor do the business opportunities for brands looking to get in on the action and connect with pickleball’s diverse, passionate community.

Since its launch in 2019, Vossberg Gainor has been guiding brands, organizations, and individuals who wish to do just that, while also helping people across the country find and experience unique travel destinations centered around pickleball through its sister company, Pickleball in the Sun. With a rapidly growing client-base and exciting new partnership opportunities on the horizon (more to come on that soon!), demand for both services has quickly taken off.

“I am thrilled to have Nick join the team as PR and Communications Consultant,” said Laura Gainor, founder of Vossberg Gainor and Pickleball in the Sun. “Nick’s background, experience, and passion for pickleball will help shape and further strengthen the communications and media relationships capabilities we provide, as both companies continue to grow and evolve within America’s fastest-growing sport. Please join me in welcoming Nick and learning a little more about him, his background, and love for the sport of pickleball!”

About Nick

  • Nick has over 10 years experience leading all aspects of communications and public relations, from new product launches and demand generation programs to major partnership announcements and acquisitions.

  • Nick helped the team at PKL Boston open the city’s first pickleball bar and restaurant last year by landing several feature stories, including national coverage on CBS Saturday Morning!

  • He currently runs communications for a cleantech company that helps people learn about and comparison-shop quotes for energy products like solar panels, batteries, and heat pumps.
  • He grew up in New York and now lives in Boston with his wife Rebecca and their two-year old son, Leo.

Why he loves pickleball

  • Nick was first introduced to pickleball over 17 years ago in high school gym class and has been playing ever since! 

  • Like so many others during the pandemic, Nick found himself playing more and more. As pickleball evolved from a niche sport into a booming business, he decided to make some connections with folks working in the industry to combine his passion for the game with his professional expertise. The opportunity to work alongside Laura and the team allows him to do just that!