Pickleball Marketing News – January 5, 2024

Happy New Year! 2024 is already off to an incredible start for Brian Gainor and me. It is with great pleasure that he announces the launch of Gainor Sports, an innovative sports marketing and advisory practice that Brian has been diligently building over the years as he’s worked the last 15+ years for Legends, 4Front and GMR Marketing.

I met Brian 17 years ago, and since then, I have always admired his work ethic, creative ideas, and unwavering support for me and my agency, Vossberg Gainor, that I launched 4 years ago.

It is a tremendous honor to now embrace entrepreneurship together under one roof! We look forward to individually enjoying living and working on what we love, running our respective practices. With the opportunity for some crossover and collaboration as the world of pickleball continues to grow.

Brian will focus on assisting teams, leagues, and organizations worldwide in driving significant new sponsorship, revenue, and fan growth. Meanwhile, I will continue my dedication to helping brands, agencies, destinations, players, and communities navigate the dynamic world of pickleball through my consulting agency, Vossberg Gainor.

Additionally, I am thrilled to continue celebrating the pickleball lifestyle and curating unique, experiential events for brands, celebrities and communities through the Pickleball in the Sun brand.

Here’s to a successful and fulfilling venture ahead, while shouting unique ideas across the house, to our respective offices 🙂 As well as to be able to get out more together in the local Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, Florida communities.

It’s truly an honor to both be fulfilling our dreams and demonstrating how hard work can lead to building a company, all with the aim of inspiring our incredible kiddos, Clara and Garrett. And bringing them on as junior associates.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2024, with much success doing what you love!

The Gainors

Gainor Sports Unveils Innovative Sports Marketing and Advisory Practice

Leading Sports Executive Brian Gainor Launches Gainor Sports, Specializing in Helping Teams, Leagues and Organizations Worldwide Drive Significant New Sponsorship, Revenue and Fan Growth.

Jacksonville, FL l January 4, 2024: Today marks the official launch of Gainor Sports, an innovative sports marketing and advisory practice founded by industry veteran Brian Gainor.

With two decades of experience, Gainor has advised over 200 professional sports teams, leagues, brands, organizations and attractions around the world and is now bringing his wealth of expertise to strategically help sports teams, leagues and organizations facing increasing pressures to grow, evolve and generate significant incremental revenues from sponsorships, ticket sales, game operations, international expansion, premium fan experiences, social media and more.

Gainor Sports specializes in helping partners innovate and create new and never-been-done sponsorship, revenue generation and fan growth and engagement strategies.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of Gainor Sports and have an incredible opportunity to inspire and help sports and entertainment organizations here in the United States and around the world develop new, best-in-class strategies to creatively generate revenue, maximize sponsorships and reach and engage new fan audiences,” said Brian Gainor. “We are reaching a critical inflection point in the sports and entertainment industry where organizations need to be more creative and insight-driven than ever before to grow their businesses and generate the revenues necessary to survive, thrive and evolve. I’m excited for Gainor Sports to be a partner that they can turn to for trusted counsel, creative strategies, and ongoing support.”

Gainor Sports offers a comprehensive suite of specialized offerings, including:

1. Sponsorship Consulting

  • Creating new sellable sponsorship platforms, assets and “million-dollar” ideas

  • Providing dedicated sponsorship management, evaluation and optimization

  • Developing new, best-in-class approaches to selling naming rights and major sponsorship assets

  • Helping partners effectively renew and grow sponsorships and prospect more efficiently

2. Creative Revenue Strategies

  • Creating strategies to help partners grow their brand and fanbase nationally and internationally

  • Helping partners accelerate their organizations to grow revenue, relevancy and positioning

  • Advising partners on new ways to leverage and monetize their venues 365 days per year

  • Developing creative approaches to drive significant new ticket sales and ancillary revenue

3. Fan Growth & Engagement Strategies

  • Helping partners develop strategies to reach and engage new fan audiences

  • Providing solutions to help partners enhance and extend the game day experience

  • Creating ways to drive greater reach and impact in the community and online/social

  • Connecting partners with leaders in sports, music, art, space and gaming to attract new fans

4. Revenue & Growth Workshops

  • Hosting working sessions to help align and inspire staff to dream big, think organizationally and creatively generate new revenue

  • Leading U.S. Study Tours and planning Partner Summits to help inspire new growth opportunities

For more information about Gainor Sports and its services, please visit:

Website: GainorSports.com

Instagram: @GainorSports

About Gainor Sports

Gainor Sports is a leading sports marketing and advisory practice specializing in helping teams, leagues, brands and organizations generate more revenue, more fans and more impact.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Laura Gainor
Vossberg Gainor
Founder & CEO
[email protected]