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A little story about how it got started…

Two years ago was the beginning of the pickleball lifestyle for founder, Laura Vossberg Gainor. Launching a marketing agency with USA Pickleball as its first client, Vossberg Gainor picked up a paddle and quickly saw the opportunities the sport would bring to connect people and brands through a like-minded community, social and competitive pickleball events, and provide a healthy lifestyle when everyone needed it the most.

Pickleball became the fastest growing sport in the nation. Vossberg Gainor transitioned her agency to be the first pickleball marketing agency, solely working with the unique pickleball marketing niche, helping clients engage with the 4.2 million pickleball player audience, and growing.

With an entrepreneurial spirit while playing pickleball daily herself, and publishing some of the top Pickleball-related stories from around the U.S. with USA Pickleball and Pickleball Magazine, she again wanted to create something that provided a one-stop source for enthusiasts to find the best pickleball destinations and experiences.

And that is what “Pickleball in the Sun” will provide!

Your source for the best pickleball destinations and experiences in the U.S. and beyond. From relaxing poolside in a tropical destination after a morning on the courts, to sight-seeing in the sunny and snowy mountains and warming up indoors at a local pickleball complex, to choosing your family vacation around your addiction of traveling to participate in a competitive tournament or up your game by signing up for a pro-led clinic.

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