Pickleball continues to surge and CNBC’s Shepard Smith has taken an interest in knowing why!

On Friday, April 16th, ‘The News with Shepard Smith‘ had special correspondent Jane Wells sit down with Ben Johns to talk about the sport’s growth and his personal professional career as a player.

“Tournaments have gotten bigger. The purses have gotten bigger. And the crowds have gotten more enthusiastic,” said Ben Johns.

Having also said he expects to make around $250,000 this year vs. $50,000 in 2018.

It’s an exciting time for pickleball and with 4.2 million players and growing, we will continue to see more opportunities for players and brands to monetize on the sport.

Check out the full CNBC segement below! Nothing better than having the opportunity to have watched it live while playing picklebally myself at the Pictona courts in Holly Hill, Florida.