Team Vossberg Gainor competed in the Pickleball Veritas in the Acient City in St. Augustine, Florida February 26-28, 2021 and brought home gold, silver and bronze medals! 

Laura Vossberg Gainor and Mia Azotea competed in the women’s doubles 3.0 and it came down to two excited matches between good friends, Deb Witzel and Betty Tully from Nocatee, for the gold medal! Gainor and Azotea brought home the silver and Witzel and Tully with the gold, with plans for more friendly matches to come at home!

Gainor also played with her brother-in-law, Jason Gross, and took home the gold in the mixed doubles 3.0 with Azotea and Brian Gainor winning bronze.

Gross and Brian Gainor fought hard in the extreme heat on Sunday for mixed doubles on February 28th and won another Gold medal for Team Vossberg. 

Such a blast all competing together and officially challenged to continue signing up for more future tournaments with goals of getting close to 4.0 in the years to come!