Curious about Official MomFest? 

What started as me asking two new friends that I barely knew (Shoutout to Danielle & Jen!) at the end of 2017 “Hey, do you want to take Amtrak to Milwaukee to go to this Brewfest thing on a Sunday in February?” has now evolved into a growing group of fun, supportive and “always up for anything” community of Moms. 

Now, beyond just a one-day, annual event, that group of moms will span even further as we build an online community across the United States and utilize the MomFest name for good. 

What will come soon on

  • Every mom has a story. We’ll share them and feature the power of the mom in that story. 
  • Upcoming events in various cities – socials, fundraisers for charities, remote working meetups, group workouts, local restaurant dinners, you name it! What I love most is getting people together. 
  • Articles that inspire us 
  • Official MomFest podcast 
  • Local business features
  • Maybe we’ll even throw some Dad involvement in there (but they’ll be watching the kids during our outings)
  • More to come…

While you get excited for all of that to come, follow us on social media, subscribe to our new YouTube channel (with more content to come) and tell your friends to signup for our emails on so they too can be in the know! All links available on the website.

Reach out to me anytime about getting involved with Official MomFest –

Nice to meet you! 

  • The Gainor Family: Brian, Laura, Clara, Garrett & CharlotteProud Park Ridge, IL residents
  • Brian works for 4Front, a sports marketing agency in Chicago and takes us to many sporting events
  • Laura started her own marketing agency, Vossberg Gainor, and currently lives and breathes Pickleball brand strategy and online marketing for USA Pickleball Association
  • Clara and Garrett take great pride in being Franklin Falcons and understand the term “MomFest” in our house once they see the shirts, bus and large crowd of moms 

I feel so fortunate to have met many incredible people across the numerous cities our family has lived over the last 12 years since meeting Brian. Can’t wait to continue to bring everyone together through


Photo: Cecily George Photography