Today is a bittersweet as I officially announce the launch of! 

After having the opportunity to lead Serve Marketing for the last 3 years and be a part of helping so many non-profit organizations, and during that time traveling between Chicago and Milwaukee, it is with great excitement that my own marketing consulting agency is born. 

With the company name including my family name that I had so much pride having and working my way through art school, early career in advertising agency jobs and then meeting my other half who also has a passion for marketing and helping others, Brian Gainor. 

@VossbergGainor will allow me to continue to help brands and individuals with their marketing, serve on local boards to help non-profits, and be close to the mini executives of Vossberg Gainor: Clara & Garrett!

Coincidentally a picture popped up of them from 3 years ago at my Serve desk. So many incredible memories getting them involved and teaching them how to give back. I look forward to utilizing Vossberg Gainor to continue to teach them the importance of helping others and that it’s possible to enjoy all of it while working hard and still having the time to focus on the important things in life: family. 

Here’s to thanking so many that have helped me get to this point and excited for what’s to come! Thank you to Gary Mueller and Lauren Sutter for all the Serve memories. A volunteer for life!


Laura Gainor