There are some special babies that have been on our minds over the past few weeks. Our family and friends mean the world to us and it makes are hearts fight harder if they are the least bit sad.

As we continue to talk to Clara and Garrett about helping others and praying for others, it is heartwarming to think about a new cause each week with #CGPayItForward. Here are some causes that are either near and dear to our hearts or an opportunity to help others that were asking along the way.

30 weeks of heart CGPayItForward

Here are weeks 13-30. Such incredible and heartwarming causes.

13 Ovarian Cancer Alliance

(Week 13) While watching Miss Universe and in honor of Miss USA’s charity, #CGPayItForward to Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.


14 Livestrong

(Week 14) To support our friend Melissa as she walked in memory of her mom, #CGPayItForward to Livestrong as she completed a half marathon! 


15 american heart assoc

(Week 15) Zevin has been such a great neighbor for the kids! #CGPayItForward to support him as he completed Jump Rope for Heart, benefiting the American Heart Association. 


16 Amazing Life Together

(Week 16) Liz and Ryan are traveling around the country in an RV to share stories about marriage on the Amazing Life Together website. #CGPayItForward to help fuel their trip.


17 Girl Scouts Hearts from Home

(Week 17) Girl Scout cookie time! #CGPayItForward to send cookies to the troops with Hearts from Home. 


18 american humane

(Week 18) Love for Gracie with a vet visit. While we’re there, #CGPayItForward to the American Humane Society


19 Brett Muscular Dystrophy

(Week 19) We are very lucky to be able to run and play and it warms our hearts to see kids like Brett so excited to play sports. #CGPayItForward to help Brett get his soccer power chair! And he GOT IT


20 My hometown heroes

(Week 20) It is incredible what our friend Danny Heinsohn is doing to provide scholarships to young adult cancer survivors. #CGPayItForward to the My Hometown Heroes Scholarship Fund. 


21 Sofia Smiles

(Week 21) Sofia and her family have been in our prayers since we heard of her story from my hometown, Kasson, MN. It breaks our heart this sweet girl is going through this at a young age. She’s a little hero! 


22 Easter Offering

(Week 22) The kids love to see Pastor Pete at church and are learning that you have to be quiet when he’s talking during church:) #CGPayItForward on Easter Sunday for the Easter offering. 


23 American Heart Kinslei

(Week 23) Kinslei and her mama hold a special place in our hearts! #CGPayItForward as Kinslei participated in Jump Rope for Heart, benefiting the American Heart Association. Congrats, Kinslei!


24 WAMMGhana

(Week 24) Our neighbors were having a garage sale with all proceeds benefiting her mission trip  for West African Mercy Ministries – Ghana. And they also enjoyed playing with the toys for sale.


25 Ronald McDonald House

(Week 25) The Mukwonago Moms group organized a special day making a meal and serving dinner to those staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee. #CGPayItForward with their favorite Happy Meal lunch and helped purchase food to bring to the families. 


26 Nepal

(Week 26) As we go about our normal weekend, looking at turtle and shopping for flowers, it’s sad to see so many people dealing with a natural disaster. #CGPayItForward to help those affected by the Nepal Earthquake. 


27 Knights of Columbus

(Week 27) A walk to the grocery story and tootsie rolls! #CGPayItForward to Knights of Columbus to help people with intellectual disabilities.


28 MACC fund

(Week 28) Loving a family lunch at Chili’s, coloring and giving back to the MACC Fund. Praying for all children fighting cancer.


29 CF Foundation Great Strides

(Week 29) This month the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is near and dear to our hearts. Over the years we’ve enjoyed helping this organization and the people living with this disease. One of them being our friend Jenny who warms our hearts with her daughter Maddie! #CGPayItForward to support Southern Striders as they walked for CF!


30 CF Foundation Xtreme Hike

(Week 30) May is CF Awareness Month and our hearts are fighting extra hard for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. We have a baby on our minds constantly and can’t wait to find a cure! #CGPayItForward to support our friend Gretchen as she completes the Xtreme Hike to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.