In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Clara and Garrett are giving this week’s #CGPayItForward to Junior Achievement of Wisconsin to help Wisconsin students receive financial literacy and work readiness education. I look forward to watching these two grow up and hope they have endless opportunities in life, surrounded by inspiring people.

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin Jan 19


Each week Clara and Garrett have paid it forward to a local charity, a close friend, or someone in need as we teach them how to give back and help others through the #CGPayItForward series. Here are some recent photos from previous weeks:

113015 Taylor Soloff

(Week 5) Jesse and Taylor Soloff are dear friends of ours and we admire Taylor’s strong courage as she #TakesOnCancer. Such an incredible couple, so it was a no brainer to be one of the first people to pay it forward to. Visit their blog as she shares her stories:


120515 St Jude

(Week 6) As we prepared for Clara’s 3rd birthday party, we ordered pizza from Domino’s and saw the flyer to give to St. Jude as you ordered online. We are very grateful and feel fortunate to have two healthy kids and wish that was the case for all parents. So we gave to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help kids live.


121115 United Way

(Week 7) Garrett was asked by Serve Marketing to be a hand model for their upcoming ad campaign for United Way’s, You can view the ad campaign HERE.


121915 Salvation Army

(Week 8) It ’twas the holiday season and Clara and Garrett had a great time giving putting money in the red kettle for the Salvation Army to help those in need. 


122815 Florida toll booth

(Week 9) We go on many road trips as a family and right after Christmas we flew to Atlanta, and then drove to Tampa via a 10-hour car ride. 8 hours in, we had a very friendly guy working a toll booth and mistakenly forgot to give us $5 more in change. So instead of halting traffic, Clara and Garrett paid it forward!


010215 Baby Fede

(Week 10) It breaks our hearts when couples try so hard to have a baby of their own. It’s such an incredible gift, so we were touched to find out on Facebook that Erin Fede and her husband were chosen by a couple to adopt their baby. They were raising money to help bring Baby Fede home, so Clara and Garrett donated to Best wishes to the growing family!


011215 Bryan DelgadoBryan Delgado CGPayItForward

(Week 11) Around Thanksgiving a friend of Brian’s, Bryan Delgado, who also graduated from the Ohio University Sports Admin program, received the news that he had cancer. He has been very positive as he started his chemo treatments and Clara and Garrett sent him a little love from Doc McStuffins! Get well soon, Bryan and we admire your courage. 


011915 Junior Achievement of Wisconsin

(Week 12) In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Clara and Garrett donated $5 to Junior Achievement of Wisconsin to help students receive financial literacy and work readiness education. Laura has enjoyed working with this organization and finding ways to drive awareness to the Wisconsin community. They’re always looking for volunteers to help teach the programs to students in grades K-12!