Just this week Stickybits, the iPhone and Android app that allows you to attach digital content to physical objects, announced the latest updates to their business model: “official bits,” voting and threading.

The launch of “official bits” is a huge step for Stickybits. It allows brands to automatically own their barcodes, so that consumers are sent to branded information when they scan any partner barcode.

When Stickybits launched, anyone could take ownership of a brand’s barcode. This made it difficult for the brand to moderate the content to ensure the barcode was effective in showing individuals the company’s intended message.

Pepsi has stepped up for the chance to be Stickybits’ first large brand to broaden their digital campaigns with barcodes on their products. This will be just the beginning of larger brands stepping up and using their products as media channels.

Another updated feature on the Stickybits app allows users to vote for each individual piece of content. The content included on the barcode with the most votes is raised to the top of the page.

The voting feature encourages users to add interesting content to compete for the top voted media. For brands it opens up the possibility to run contests and receive voter feedback with the threading feature, which allows users to comment on each individual content piece added to the barcode.

Now let’s have some fun with the new voting feature – Let the voting begin! The Comet Branding team recently had some fun in Milwaukee’s Third Ward and attempted to sync together for a group photo. Well, even though it didn’t happen as initially planned, these pictures are pretty darn hilarious.

To view our new team photos, and to vote for your favorite, scan the attached barcode and click the thumbs up (because why would you ever hit the thumbs down for these photos?), on the photo that you feel portrays our team the best, or just makes you laugh the hardest at our awkwardness.

You can also cheat if you have a blackberry by clicking on the barcode image to vote for your favorite team picture. The Comet Branding team is anxious to see the voter’s choice!

What large brands or products that you use every day would you like to see take advantage of stickybits new “official bits” feature? Would you be more inclined to use Stickybits with the new voting and threading features to be able to interact with these brands?